Cross-country ski run rules

Consideration for others
Every piste user must behave in a manner that does not harm or endanger others at all times.

Observing the signs and direction of travel
Every piste user must follow the markings and signposts.  On cross-country ski runs, please follow advised directions.

Choice of lane
On double or multiple tracks, skiing is allowed in all tracks.

You may overtake from the right or the left. The skier in front does not have to vacate the track for overtaking.

Controlling speed and manner of skiing depending on conditions
Every piste user must adapt their speed and style of skiing to their ability as well as weather and terrain conditions. You should always keep sufficient distance from the piste user in front of you.

Opposing traffic
If encountering oncoming traffic, each party has to give way to the right. On downhill runs with only one track the ascending skier has to give way to the downhill skier.

Using your ski poles
Keep your ski poles close to your body when overtaking, being overtaken or on encounters.

Keep cross-country ski track clear
Step out of the track if you are stopping. A piste user who has fallen must vacate the trail as quickly as possible.

Conduct in accident cases
Everyone is obliged to render assistance in case of an accident.

Disclosure in cases of accident
Reporting the accident. Everyone must disclose their personal details in case of an accident, regardless of whether or not they are responsible, a witness or directly involved.

Important notice
In the case of the Pitztal road being blocked, all surrounding areas, including cross-country ski tracks and winter walks, will also be closed. Cross-country ski tracks and winter walks may also be closed separately. Please look out for signs and ask for more information at the nearest Tourist Information Centre.