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Culture Partner of Glacier Park Card

Culture Partner of Glacier Park Card

Holders of a Glacier Park Card enjoy free admission to our Culture Partner Attractions


The cultural partners of the Glacier Park Card give a detailed insight into deeply rooted traditions and cultural highlights of the Tirolean Oberland Region.

Down to the present day, Tirol's mountains farmers have preserved their ancient customs and traditions. In the Glacier Park visitors have the unique chance to visit interesting cultural exhibitions, a mountain mining world or a renovated mill reminding of long past times. With a bit of luck you also meet authentic Tirolean people telling you lively stories about life in the mountains - today and in the past.

Holders of a Glacier Park Card enjoy free admission to the following attractions:

  • Imst Carnival House
  • Ballhaus Musem
  • Naturparkhaus Exhibition
  • Serfauser Lauser – Old Mill
  • Jerzens Pine Exhibition
  • Anton von Nufels piano museum

Imst Carnival House

With the help of top modern technologies the museum gives a detailed insight into varied facets of authentic carnival traditions, based on ancient archaic customs.
The world-famous "Imster Schemenlaufen" carnival parade has been declared a part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Opening hours: Every Friday 4 pm – 7 pm and on request
Visit registration under: Imst Carnival House +43/664/60 69 82 21, office@fasnacht.at or Imst Tourism Association +43/5412/6910, info@imst.at

6460 Imst, Streleweg 6
T +43/5412/69 10
M +43/664/60 69 82 21


Museum at Ballhaus

This fabulous museum depicts
the lively history of Imst 
in a modern and entertaining way.

Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 2 pm – 6 pm,
Saturday 9 am – 12 pm (not on public holidays!) and on request

6460 Imst, Ballgasse 1
T +43/5412/649 27


Naturparkhaus Exhibition

Don't miss this magnificent multi-media exhibition describing all nature treasures and natural attractions in the protected Nature Park area.

Opening hours: June – October: Monday – Sunday 10 am – 5 pm

6521 Fließ, Gachenblick 100
T +43/5449/63 04


Serfauser Lauser - Old Mill

The museum houses a truly manifold exhibition. Among many other highlights: a collection of lovingly arranged farming tools, a source of information on Alpine vegetation and a wonderful garden of culinary enjoyment.

Opening hours: Every Friday 2 pm – 5 pm and on request

Fam. Christian Sturm
6541 Tösens, Untertösens 1
T +43/664/260 71 80



Please note: This cultural partner offers free admission.

Jerzens Pine Exhibition

Alpine stone pine trees: A cross-border highlight close to the treeline.
Take an insight into the fantastic world of Alpine stone pines.

Opening hours: According to current office opening times of the Jerzens local information.
Outside of office opening times access is possible via the "Zirm" restaurant!

Gemeindezentrum Jerzens 220, 6474 Jerzens
T +43/5414/873 36


Please note: This cultural partner is
recommended by the Glacier Park,
but is not included in the
Glacier Park Card.
Voluntary donations welcome!

Anton von Nufels piano museum

Anton Wille - organist, piano player, skilled in artistic woodwork, farmer and passionate fan of musical instruments - has been collecting and renovating pianos over many decades.

Opening hours: Friday – Saturday 2 pm – 6 pm,
Sunday 2.30 pm – 5.30 pm and on request.

6524 Kaunertal, Nufels
T +43/676/638 24 77



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