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Benni-Raich Brücke

Dorfstraße 36
Arzl im Pitztal
+43 (0) 5414 86 999

Benni-Raich Brücke

Austria's highest suspension bridge for pedestrians was built in 1995 and links Arzl and the hamlet of Wald.
  • height: 94 m
  • span:137.70 m
  • width of walkway: 1.50 m
  • bungy-jumping possible since 1997
Description for wheelchair users:
There are two options to do this route. You can use the Swiss-Trac and park further downhill on the designated car park. From there, an easy to navigate path leads up to the catered mountain hut “Bungy Stüber”l and via a steep downhill track to the Benni Raich bridge. The second option would be to drive the car directly to the “Bungy Stüberl”, however, there is no designated car parking space here, so the car would have to be left by the roadside and you would have to advise the staff at “Bungy Stüberl” that you have parked there. Should you have an accompanying person with you, you can otherwise unload here and let them park in the designated car park further down. Please note that assistance is required if you wish to continue on this route beyond the bridge. “Bungy Stüberl” is not wheelchair-accessible as there is a high step to be mounted. Please note that the toilets are not suitable for wheelchairs.


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