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Glacier Marathon Pitztal

Glacier Marathon Pitztal

New routes and new finish area 2022


Time: 08:00 Uhr

Location: Pitztal

The glacier marathon meanders through the impressive mountain scenery of the entire Pitztal. Starting at the foot of the glacier, runners can enjoy the most beautiful impressions that nature in the Pitztal mountains has to offer. 


As usual the marathon, with its manageable number of participants, starts at 8am in Mandarfen at 1.733 meters above sea level and winds its way along the valley road through the breath-taking natural scenery of Pitztal, past forests, meadows and giant mountains. The route will be new from Arzl, as there will now be a sharp left in the centre of the village followed by a loop “in” and “around” Arzl, before heading to the new finish area in the “Gruabe Arena”. Overall, the marathon runners will cover 999 meters of altitude, gently downhill, and 179 meters of ascent, following the river along the valley to the finish line. The same applies to the relay race. The new starting point for the half marathon is in Eggenstall at 9am, with the 11km Run & Fun race starting at 10 am in Wenns. Both these races exclude the Arzl loop and runners head straight to the Gruabe Arena instead. The brand new 5.5 km race, perfect for beginners and leisurely runners, also starts at 10am in Wenns.


  • Marathon & Relay Marathon 42 km – pure alpine panorama of Mandarfen (1,675 m) to Arzl (647 m)
  • Half Marathon 21 km – of Eggenstall (1,300 m) to Arzl (647 m)
  • Run & Fun Run 11 km – of Wenns (999 m) to Arzl (647 m)
  • 5.5 km Run – of Wenns (999 m) to Arzl (647 m)

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Glacier marathon finish area
Glacier marathon finish area in Imst
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