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Piller landscaped pond

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Piller landscaped pond

a paradise for swimming and relaxation! This wetland biotope was transformed into a wonderful recreational area for the young and the young at heart. It is very popular, especially on hot summer days. Please note that the water is a little murky thanks to the intake of a stream originating from the Piller moor. So, despite its appearance, it is actually supposed to be extremely healthy for swimmers.

Description for wheelchair users:

The start of this route is “Fuchsmoos” car park right next to the pond “Landschaftsteich” Piller. From there, follow the main road for a short section before turning left through a gap in the fence and following a trail to the pond. The path continues along the pond. Please note that it is difficult to drive on this section, as it is not a laid-out path but a grassed track instead. After a few metres at the far end of the pond you will reach a larger area for sun bathing and a small stream with Kneipp hydrotherapy facilities. Return via the same route to the car park. Please note that this route can only be managed with assistance.


Landschaftsteich Piller car park (1361m)
Landschaftsteich Piller car park (1363m)
Walk through the hamlet of Fuchsmoos for approx. 100 m up towards the Hairer fishpond always keeping to the right. Once there, continue to walk via Oberpiller down to the Piller road and return to your starting point by keeping to the right once again.
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