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Pitz Park

St. Margarethen 637

Pitz Park

Pitz Park in Wenns offers water fun and a playground during the summer months. Der Pitz Park natural bathing pond has a water surface of approximately 1,050 m² and offers visitors a natural swimming lake with up to 3 metres water depth plus a shallow swimming area of up to 1.35 metes water depth. A play raft and two diving platforms guarantee lots of cool water fun. There is also a heated paddling pool for toddlers.

Action and fun are also guaranteed on the playground and the soccer and beach volleyball courts. There is something for children of all ages with lots of fun to be had with the valley’s mascot Pitzi at Pitz Park Wenns too. Pitz Park restaurant is a great place to rest with a sun terrace and in the case of bad weather, an indoor play area with giant slide.

Description for wheel chair users:
The beautiful natural swimming lake in Wenns is overlooking the main road and features a children’s playground, several swimming pools and a spacious restaurant with plenty of diversions for families.
There is no designated disabled parking on the Pitzpark car park and it is an uphill climb across a ramp with a moderate incline to reach the entrance to Pitzpark. The entrance doors are wide enough for wheelchair access. The park features a narrow paved path making access easy all the way to the back of the park, however, some sun loungers and sun bathing areas can only be accessed by crossing the lawn. There is a toilet suitable for wheelchair users at the back of the park as well, but the doors are hard to shut and open without assistance. This is the only wheelchair-accessible toilet in the whole park including the restaurant. None of the pools have lifting equipment or alternative aids to enter the water. The restaurant and its terrace are spacious.  


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