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Söllbergalm (1,849 m)

St. Leonhard im Pitztal
+43 650 7005577

Söllbergalm (1,849 m)

no overnight accomodation


Wiese (1201m)
Wiese (1190m)
From the starting point, follow the agricultural road up towards the catered mountain hut Söllbergalm. Return via the same route. 
Rehwald (1461m)
Rehwald (1467m)
From Rehwald, take the agricultural road to the catered mountain hut Mauchele Alm. Then continue on a steep 
path in the direction of Brechsee/ Stallkogel. This path forks off after approximately 100 m. The lefthand track leads to the Stallkogel – take the track to the right, which leads to the beautiful Alpine lake Brechsee. At the lake, enjoy fantastic vistas of Wenns and Arzl and the panoramic Alpine scenery of the Venet, Tschirgant and Gemeindekopf summits. From there, the path forks off again: follow the steep path to the catered 
mountain hut Söllbergalm, which is an approximately 30 to 45 minute walk from the lake. From the Alm, walk on the agricultural road in the direction of Wiese. After approximately 150 m turn off right by a moderately steep path leading back to the Mauchele Alm. This path continues through larch and Swiss pine forests until it joins with the agricultural road to the Mauchele Alm. From there, it is about 200 m further to reach the Mauchele peak. Descend on this path to the starting point in Rehwald.
Wiese (1172m)
Scheibe/Piösmes (1398m)
Der Pitztaler Almenweg links five idyllically located catered mountain huts: Söllberg-, Mauchele-, Neuberg-, Tiefental- and Arzler Alm. About 100 m before Wiese, take the agricultural road on the right to the Söllbergalm. 
From there, continue your hike through a larch and Swiss pine forest on a moderately steep track in the direction of the Brechsee lake. After walking for approximately 30 minutes turn off in the direction of Stallkogel – Mauchele Alm. There, the path joins up with a recently built moderately steep track to the Mauchele Alm. After approximately 500 m (red markings) turn left until you cross a stream. Then turn left again and walk 
over stony terrain in the direction of the Neubergalm. This part is hard/lback mountain path. Please note that hikers should be sure-footed and not be afraid of heights for this passage. Enjoy the spectacular views of the valley. After the Neubergalm a shaded track takes you through forest to the Tiefentalalm, which is in a picturesque setting. Next, continue your hike bearing right, following the footpath and then the agricultural road to the Arzler Alm. Descend either via the agricultural road or via the forest path to Scheibe. Please note that it is possible to descend from any of the Alms at any point. 





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