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Walking routes

Walking routes in Tyrol

Relax on leisurely walks in Pitztal

Walking routes in Pitztal are defined as short, hardly demanding routes. Some of our hiking paths are suitable for prams. Walking routes are particularly popular with senior citizens and families with small children. Or you may just wish to go on a romantic stroll to stretch your legs after a delicious dinner.

Pitztal does not only offer walking routes down in the valley but also easy routes on higher ground that can easily be accessed by using a mountain railway. You may, for example wish to go on the ZirbenPark circular route using Hochzeiger Bergbahnen, on the Lake Rifflsee circular route using Rifflsee Bergbahnen or walk to the Chapel of White Light on Pitztal Glacier.

Whole Pitztal

Walking in Pitztal

What nicer thing to do than going on a short walk in beautiful surroundings with your loved ones?

The hiking trails in Pitztal are especially popular with families with small children and senior citizens. The majority of our paths are suitable for prams and some are even wheelchair-accessible.

Top walking paths in our villages…

Arzl: Diemersteig, Osterstein circular route (small)
Wenns: Klausboden circular route, Piller Moor trail
Jerzens: ZirbenPark circular route, Village hike through Wiesen/processional route
St Leonhard: Gletscherstube, Lake Rifflsee circular route

ZirbenPark circular route
ZirbenPark circular route
View of the Pillermoor in the Kaunergrat Nature Park
View of the Pillermoor in the Kaunergrat Nature Park
chapel of white light
chapel of white light
circular route Rifflsee for the whole fami
circular route Rifflsee for the whole fami





Distance ranges from 2km to 5km


Duration ranges from 0h to 1h


Altitude ranges from 60m to 270m

Circular route Alois Gabl trail

Wiese (1181m)
Wiese (1181m)
Starting point: car park beyond the Hotel Wiese, facing the upper valley to your left. From the starting point walk through a beautiful gorge (Kitzgartenschlucht) to Zaunhof. At the bridge, continue on the agricultural road along the Pitze river to the hamlet Pfurmühl. From there, walk to Zaunhof and the church. Above the church, a 
pleasant forest path with fantastic views of the upper Pitztal valley takes you back to Schußlehn and the starting point after Wiese.

If you are still feeling fit, it is well worth continuing on a moderately steep path to admire the waterfall [Söllbergwasserfall]. Walking time: approx. 30 minutes.

Trail to the Taschach Alm

Mandarfen (1678m)
Mandarfen (1679m)
From the car park of the Rifflsee gondola cross the bridge and turn left to walk on the wide agricultural road up to the catered mountain hut Taschach Alm. Take the same way back to Mandarfen.

Söllberg waterfall circular route

Wiese (1194m)
Söllberg-Wasserfall (1189m)
Starting point: Car park at the end of Wiese. From the starting point initially follow the forest road in the direction of Söllberg waterfall. The forest road eventually leads to a trail. Return via the same route back to the Söllbergalm turnoff, then turn left to walk down a trail. After approximately 500 metres you will reach the agricultural road on which you carry on walking downhill for approximately 150 metres before reaching the next turnoff. Then turn right onto the forest road that will take you back to your staring point. 

Sculpture Trail

Mandarfen (1675m)
Mandarfen (1677m)
A number of diff erent stone sculptures were erected around Mandarfen in celebration of the international stone sculpture artist symposium held in the inner Pitztal valley between July 2008,2010 and 2014. This was the start of an artistic campaign led by the respected artist, Kassian Erhart, which is set to continue over the next few years.

Rifflsee circular route

Rifflsee gondola bottom station (2288m)
Rifflsee gondola bottom station (2289m)
Take the Rifflsee gondola to the top then walk by the Rifflsee circular route [Rundwanderweg Rifflsee]. This trail is especially suitable for families (including prams) and for the elderly.
Region: Hochzeiger

Walking routes Hochzeiger

Nature experience

The whole family can easily and comfortably get from Hochzeiger valley station at 1,450 metres to the intermediate station at 2,000 metres above sea level via gondola. This is the ideal starting point for family hikes at Hochzeiger or a walk on our ZirbenPark nature trail. Those who wish to aim even higher can continue their way up via the Sechzeiger double chair lift up to 2,370 metres. From there, it is only a short walk to the Sechzeiger summit cross and its impressive 360 panorama.


Easy hiking tips at Hochzeiger

ZirbenPark family hike
hiking tour from the gondola top station
Ascent with the gondola to the middle station at 2,000 Meter. This is the starting point for the one kilometer circular path through the ZirbenPark. There is much to discover at the various stations in the ZirbenPark. 
1 h walking time, easy hiking tour


short hike from the Sechszeiger lift top station
(A) *

Ascent with the gondola and double chair lift Sechszeiger, short walk to the Sechszeiger Mountain cross at 2,395 m, back to the Sechszeiger lake, breathtaking panorama view, 10 min walking time, easy hiking tour

* look up in the Hochzeiger hiking tips brochure

Region: Gletscher

Short Hiking Tours at the Pitztal Glacier

Scenic Loop Walk at Pitzal Glacier

Planning an easy walking tour you probably won't think about a glacier region. Thanks to the top modern mountain lifts at Pitztal Glacier you can explore the high Alpine regions on a lovely mountain walk almost effortlessly.


Recommended short walking tours at Pitztal Glacier

Starting point: Gletscherexpresstop station at 2.840 m

  • Chapel Trail to the "Chapel of White Light" 
    Walking time: 15-20 min
    Difficulty level: light blue
  • Trail to Glacier Snout – NEW from summer 2017
    Walking time: 1 – 2 hours (both ways)
    Difficulty level: light blue
  • Trail to Cafe 3440 – NEW from summer 2017
    Walking time: 15-20 min
    Difficulty level: light blue
  • Mittelbergferner Hike – NEW from summer 2017
    Walking time: 1-1.5 hours
    Difficulty level: blue 
Hiking Tour towards the Chapel of White Light
Hiking Tour towards the Chapel of White Light
Region: Rifflsee

Short Hiking Tours in the Rifflsee Area

Nature at its best at Tirol's Rifflsee

The mountain gondola ride up to Rifflsee promises uninterrupted views of the nearby mountain ranges and the Pitztal Alps.
A great choice of leisurely walking trails and hiking paths suitable for all the family is waiting for you at the Rifflseebahn top station.


Walking Trails, Nordic Walking Paths and Trail Running Routes at Rifflsee

Start: Rifflseebahn (gondola) top station - Restaurant Sunna Alm 2,291 m

  • Rifflsee Loop Walk: around the scenic lake
    Distance: 3.7 km  Walking time: 40-60 min
    Difficulty level: none
  • Rifflsee Hut Round Tour: walking trail to Rifflseehütte
    Distance: 1 km  Walking time: 15-20 min
    Difficulty level: none
  • Sunna Alm–Muttenkopf  Hike: walking trail to Muttenkopf
    Distance: 1.5 km  Walking time: 20-30 min
    Difficulty level: none
Hiking around Rifflsee Lake
Hiking around Rifflsee Lake
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