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Mountain Hiking

Mountain Hiking in Tyrol

Enjoy the mountain world of Pitztal

Breath-taking and unique day tours are awaiting you in Pitztal. Hiking in the mountains is the best way to enjoy nature and forget the everyday stress of life. Planning on a longer hiking tour? Then why not make use of one of our three mountain railways on the way up to save time and spare your legs – Hochzeiger Bergbahnen, Rifflsee Bergbahnen and Pitztal Glacier.

Whole Pitztal

Mountain hiking in Pitztal

Mountain hiking in Austria through fragrant mountain meadows and rugged steep rock faces. Our cosy catered mountain huts invite you to take a break: get pampered with local delicacies in a charming scenic setting. Beautiful images of this colourful landscape will be etched in your holiday memories and create a longing to return.

Top mountain hiking tours in our villages...

Arzl: Leiner Alm, Wennerberg
Wenns: Venet circular route, Aifner Alm
Jerzens: Hochzeiger, Riegetal
St Leonhard: Lake Mittelberglesee, Braunschweiger Hütte

lake Mittelberglesee
lake Mittelberglesee
Groaßsee Riegetal
Groaßsee Riegetal
The Leiner Alm in the Hochzeiger hiking area
The Leiner Alm in the Hochzeiger hiking area
Circular route Venet with view to the Tschirgant
Circular route Venet with view to the Tschirgant





Distance ranges from 7km to 19km


Duration ranges from 3h to 9h


Altitude ranges from 190m to 1,470m

Circular route to summit Wallfahrtsjöchl

Eggenstall (1341m)
Eggenstall (1340m)
Cross the road at the Gasthof Liesele pub in Eggenstall and walk along the continuously steep agricultural road to Neubergalm mountain hut. Then continue on a very steep but well signposted path to Sturzmahd and the Sturzmahd ridge and then further upwards to the Wallfahrtsjöchl peak. Once there, enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the Pitztal valley below and far beyond its borders. 

CAUTION: the path up to the Wallfahrtsjöchl is very difficult and is often covered in snowfields. We only advise experienced mountaineers to attempt this route and we recommend a direct descent route to the Sturzmahd saddle via a well-signposted steep trail leading to the Tiefentalalm mountain hut. From this catered mountain hut you can return via the agricultural road back down to St Leonhard/Eggenstall. 

Mittagskogel summit tour starting in Mittelberg

Mittelberg (1731m)
Mittagskogel (1730m)
From the starting point hike along a very steep trail up to the Mittagskogel summit. On this long hike your efforts will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views of Pitztal and the Kaunergrat and Geigen ridges. The Muttler peak is also along this route and has equally beautiful vistas in store. Return via the same route. There is an alternative return route that will spare your knees: you can reach the top station of the Glacier Express within ca. 1.5 hours and can take the underground train back to your starting point. Please note the train timetables!

Pitztaler Almenweg, Stage 1 (catered mountain huts trail)

Wiese (1172m)
Scheibe/Piösmes (1398m)
Der Pitztaler Almenweg links five idyllically located catered mountain huts: Söllberg-, Mauchele-, Neuberg-, Tiefental- and Arzler Alm. About 100 m before Wiese, take the agricultural road on the right to the Söllbergalm. 
From there, continue your hike through a larch and Swiss pine forest on a moderately steep track in the direction of the Brechsee lake. After walking for approximately 30 minutes turn off in the direction of Stallkogel – Mauchele Alm. There, the path joins up with a recently built moderately steep track to the Mauchele Alm. After approximately 500 m (red markings) turn left until you cross a stream. Then turn left again and walk 
over stony terrain in the direction of the Neubergalm. This part is hard/lback mountain path. Please note that hikers should be sure-footed and not be afraid of heights for this passage. Enjoy the spectacular views of the valley. After the Neubergalm a shaded track takes you through forest to the Tiefentalalm, which is in a picturesque setting. Next, continue your hike bearing right, following the footpath and then the agricultural road to the Arzler Alm. Descend either via the agricultural road or via the forest path to Scheibe. Please note that it is possible to descend from any of the Alms at any point. 

St Leonharder Höhenweg (high-level trail)

car park goods cable car near Zaunhof/Grüble (1396m)
Piösmes (1423m)
Follow the well-marked agricultural road to the catered mountain hut Ludwigsburger Hütte. Then continue to walk to the Lehnerjoch and turn right after approx. 10 minutes and follow the well-waymarked track southwards. After crossing a few cirques and streams, follow a steep, secured descent to another cirque, the Hairlacher Kar. Next, climb up the steep track (secured with ropes) to the stunning Mauerköpfl summit. Continue to walk over Alpine pastures beneath the Hairlacher Seekopf summit to the fork a little east of the Am Gampen. Then climb uphill in the direction of the Wilder See until you reach the Brandsee lake at the same altitude as the Schoaßkogel peak. At another cirque, the Biedere Kar, continue to walk on to the so called Luibisböden. It is possible to descend via the Luibisalm to Piösmes.

Please note that no one should attempt this Alpine trek unless confident of good fitness levels and stamina.

Zaunhof/Grüble – Ludwigsburger Hütte – St Leonharder Höhenweg (high-level trail) – Bich

car park, goods cable car near Zaunhof/Grüble (1329m)
bus stop Zaunhof Grüble (1327m)
From the starting point, climb up to the catered mountain hut Ludwigsburger Hütte. Then continue to walk in the direction of the Lehnerjoch. After approx. 10 minutes tak e a right and follow the waymarked trail leading south. After crossing a few cirques and brooks, there is a secured track to the Hairlacher Kar. Following this, there is another ascent to the Scharte am Westgrat of the Hairlacher Seekopfs summit. Continue after this to the Maurerköpfl peak. Keep on southwards to the crossroads ‘Am Gampen’, then downhill to the derelict mountain hut Äußere Schwarzenbergalm and then continue on to Enger/Bichl.

Please note that this trail is only suitable for experienced hikers with good stamina.

Hike to Wildgrat

gondola top station (2026m)
gondola top station (2020m)
Starting point: gondola top station. From there, take the path to the Hochzeiger mountain and continue to the Riegetal valley. A second alternative route would be to turn right at the top station and take the path to the Zollberg peak and to the Groaßsee lake. From the lake at 2,416 m take a steep trail to the 2,971 m Wildgrat peak, keeping to the left at all times. It is advisable that hikers taking this path should not have any fear of heights or be prone to dizziness. Return via the Zollberg.

Gondola top station - Kreuzjöchlspitz zum Schafhimmel – Ludwigsburger Hütte - Zaunhof

gondola top station (2026m)
Ludwigsburger Hütte, Zaunhof (1233m)
Starting point: gondola top station. This is a 1 km path along the ridge – very well secured by many fixed ropes. Classed as an easy steep track. Access via the Riegetal valley to the Groaßsee lake. From there, follow the path to the left in the direction of Wildgrat peak up to a height of approx. 2,600 m. You will have to turn off when you see a stone sculpture of a man and a few signposts. Take the path to the Kugleten See 
[lake] and to the Gemeindekopf peak. At the start, follow this path in a south-westerly direction. After approx. 150 m you will reach a narrow ridge, the so called ‘Steinmann’ [man of stone]. Leave the path to follow the ridge steeply upwards. After another 150 m a very large arrow indicates that you should change to the other side of the narrow ridge. Further up, climb over an area of grassy slopes with rocks to a small lake 
underneath the Riegekopf peak. From there a moderately ascending path leads over rocks to a flat ridge south of the Riegekopf where you can climb the Kreuzjöchlspitz peak (2,908 m) from there in approx. 10 minutes. Following this, continue on the 1 km long ridge, which is well secured by fixed ropes. The ridge runs southeast towards the 2,820 m Schafhimmel peak. This varied climb is marked with paint and it takes 1.5 – 
2 hrs to reach the Schafhimmel peak. From there, descend to the Lehner Joch and continue to the catered mountain hut Ludwigsburger Hütte. Walking distance: starting from the top station of Hochzeiger gondola to Kreuzjöchelspitz approx. 3.5 hours, from Kreuzjöchlspitz to Schafhimmel approx. 2 hours.

Cottbuser Höhenweg (high-level trail)

Mandarfen or rather Rifflsee gondola bottom station (2289m)
Plangeroß or rather Mandarfen (1613m)
Turn right on the clearly waymarked track, following the bends in the direction of the Brandkogel peak. Climb further on this steep track, secured by steel ropes, through gullies and rocky slopes, cross over a cirque, the Alzeleskar and walk around the Steinkogel peak in a wide arch. Please note that difficult passages are secured by steel ropes but you still must be sure-footed and confident not to suffer any fear of heights - 360 degrees overview. When this track joins the high-level trail Cottbuser Höhenweg and the path from Plangeroß in the direction of the catered mountain hut Kaunergrathütte, the path is at first flat (but over rocks and stones) but then climbs very steeply up to the Kaunergrat Hütte. Descend via the outward route, but turn off towards Plangeroß at the aforementioned fork. Take the bus back to the starting point Mandarfen.

Tip: If you still feel fit, you may wish to continue to climb the Plangeroßk opf summit 
to enjoy beautiful panoramic scenery, which you can reach in about 1 hr from the Kaunergrathütte. Grade: intermediate.

Gondola top station - Gemeindekopf (2,771 m) – Tiroler Jubiläumsweg [Tyrolean Jubilee trail] - Zaunhof

gondola top station (2026m)
Zaunhof (1295m)
Starting point: gondola top station. From the starting point take the path to the Hochzeiger mountain towards the Groaßsee lake. At the lake, the path forks off to the right to the Hohe Gemeindekopf peak (2,771 m). From there, 
you may choose to descend via Kugleter See (lake), keeping to the right to get to the catered mountain hut Ludwigsburger Hütte and then continue to Zaunhof.

Hike to Riegetal

gondola top station (2024m)
gondola top station (2026m)
Starting point: gondola top station. From there, a wide and steep path leads to the Zollberg peak. On top of the Zollberg you will be able to enjoy beautiful glimpses of the Riegetal valley. A narrow steep path (partially secured with fixed ropes) leads down towards the valley. After mastering this difficult passage, a well prepared steep track leads down to the Riegetal valley all the way to the Groaßsee lake. You may see marmots, native salamanders, chamois and sheep on the way to the lake. A little further on, enjoy the crystal clear water of this mountain lake. To return, follow the path for a while and then take a steep path up to the Hochzeiger peak. After signing the summit register, follow the path downhill to the starting point.
Region: Hochzeiger

Mountain hikes Hochzeiger

Enjoy 360 degrees mountain panorama

Hochzeiger hiking resorts offers great choice with 100 kilometres of marked hiking trails. Enjoy the magnificent mountain panorama on a day tour and discover the “magic of the pine” as Hochzeiger hiking resort has an especially beautiful pine forest. Some trees are almost 400 years old and pinewood is said to promote relaxation and indulge the senses. 


A selection of Mountain hikes at Hochzeiger

Hiking tips from the Sechszeiger lift top station
(F) *

Walk south along the ridge for approx. 900 m and descend into the valley on the far side of the Wenner Mountain before heading out of the valley towards the Kalben Mountain Hut. Climb up past the Trög Hut to the Leiner Alm from where you return to the bottom lift station. 
Walking time: approx. 5 hours. Longer mountain hike​


Hiking tips from the Gondola top station
(N) *

Hike to the Hochzeiger and then into the Riege Valley before reaching the "Groaß" lake (2 hours 45 min.). Return via the top station of the "Zollberg" lift and then to the bottom lift station. 
Walking time: 5 hours. Longer mountain hike​

* look up in the Hochzeiger hiking tips brochure

Region: Gletscher

Hiking Tours for Mountain Aficionados

Alpine Hiking Tours at Pitztal Glacier

Majestic Pitztal Glacier makes a true heaven for experienced hikers with excellent stamina, as the area offers countless Alpine hiking tours of a special kind. 

  • Glacier Hiking Trail towards Braunschweiger Hütte
  • On the Glacier Footpath towards Taschachhaus



Glacier Hiking Trail towards Braunschweiger Hütte

Braunschweiger Hütte, nestling at 2758 m altitude, is accessible on a marked Glacier Hiking Trail from the Gletscherexpress top station - Walking time (one way): approx. 1.5 hours
The ascent from Braunschweiger Hütte down to the valley takes about 2 hours.
Signposted hiking trail, on the glacier stretches you'll find snow poles for easier orientation.
Surefootedness and a good head for heights are absolutely required for this tour. 
Always bring sturdy hiking boots, sun protection/sunscreen and warm clothes.

More information:
Hut tenant - Fam. Auer, T +43(0)664 5353722.

Braunschweiger Hütte and Mittelbergferner Glacier
Braunschweiger Hütte and Mittelbergferner Glacier

Hiking Tour at Pitztal Glacier

A "Day on the glacier for young and old" gives a deep insight into the eternal ice of Pitztal Glacier, especially suitable for active families. The exciting program features a short glacier crossing. The route travels past glacial mills, glacier snouts, glacial polish areas and bizarre rock formations shaped by the eternal ice. The local mountain guides can tell you many interesting stories about the glacier ice, dangerous crevasses and glaciology in general. A truly unique experience creating memories that will stay with your family forever. 

  • Guided tours take place every Tuesday and Thursday (fee: € 5.00 pp)
  • Meeting point: 10:30 am, sun terrace of Kristall Glacier Restaurant
  • Bring sturdy hiking bootsThe hike takes place in good weather only. Time required: approx. 2.5 hours
Pitztal Glacier Footpath - Taschach Glacier
Pitztal Glacier Footpath - Taschach Glacier
Pitztal Glacier Footpath - Taschach Glacier
Pitztal Glacier Footpath - Taschach Glacier
Pitztal Glacier Footpath - Taschach Glacier
Pitztal Glacier Footpath - Taschach Glacier
Pitztal Glacier Footpath - Taschach Glacier
Pitztal Glacier Footpath - Taschach Glacier

On the Glacier Footpath towards Taschachhaus

From the peak of Hinterer Brunnenkogel via Taschachhaus to Mandarfen. What's best, this tour covers all four Alpine altitude levels.  

  • Starting point: Wildspitzbahn top station
  • From here you take the narrow footpath through the Alpine side valley of Taschachtal - leading across the glacier to Taschachhaus.
  • Ascent through the valley down to Mandarfen.
  • Only for very experienced hikers! Distance covered: 14.1 km
  • We strongly recommend you to enlist a certified local mountain guide for this tour

Information and contact:

Taschachhaus T +43(0)664-1384465

Bergführervereinigung Pitztal / Mountain Guides T +43(0)5413 20366


  • Short hikes/walks at Pitztal Glacier
  • Walking tours in the Glacier Area
  • High Alpine peak tours starting at Pitzal Glacier
Pitztal Glacier Footpath - Taschach Glacier
Pitztal Glacier Footpath - Taschach Glacier
Region: Rifflsee

Alpine Hiking Tours around Rifflsee Lake

Rifflsee makes a great Starting Point for Alpine Hikes

Wonderful Alpine hiking tours without conquering glacier-topped peaks await you at the Rifflseebahn top station which is a popular starting point for scenic tours.
Surefootedness and a good head for heights are absolutely required for all these routes suitable for already experienced hikers with a good stamina.
On some stretches glacier hiking equipment is needed.

Important Information:

  • All walking times listed below are roughly estimated times
  • Always plan a tour in advance according to your personal fitness and skills
  • Take a look at the local weather report as for all these tours good weather conditions are required
  • For an even more pleasant mountain experience we strongly recommend you to enlist a certified Pitztal Mountain Guides
  • Rostizjoch 3,083 m: Alpine mountain hike across pasturelands and erosion areas
    Walking time: approx. 4 hours 
    Difficulty level: red (the route is not marked on some stages)
  • Cottbuser Höhenweg: challenging high Alpine hike to Kaunergrathütte 2,817 m
    Walking time: approx. 3-3.5 hours
    Difficulty level: red-black !!!rock climbing skills required!!!
  • Wurmtaler Joch 3,089 m: high Alpine hiking tour incl. glacier crossings
    Walking time: approx. 4 hours
    Difficulty level: red - some stretches are well-marked
  • Offenbacher Höhenweg: high Alpine mountain hike - Alpine crossing from Riffle via Wurmtalerkopf to Taschachhaus
    Walking time: approx. 7-8 hours
    Difficulty level: red, well-marked route
Rifflsee Lake and Rifflseebahn Top Station
Rifflsee Lake and Rifflseebahn Top Station
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