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Cross-country ski tracks

Cross-country ski tracks

Cross-country skiing is a fountain of youth for everyone!

There is hardly any other sport that strengthens muscles and is easy on your joints at the same time. Cross-country skiing is an ideal way of experiencing the beauty of the valley with its memorable snow-covered mountain scenery. Pitztal impresses with its diversity of cross-country ski runs: High altitude ski runs at Pitztal Glacier and Rifflsee, a 20km long track along the length of the valley, a network of cross-country tracks at Gachen Blick with varying degrees of difficulty and much more.
In total, there are 70,5 km of cross-country ski runs that will get every cross-country skier and nature fans’ heart beating faster.

Cross-country tracks in Pitztal in valley
Cross-country tracks in Pitztal in valley
Cross-country skiing at Rifflsee
Cross-country skiing at Rifflsee
Sklassich and skating track in Pitztal
Sklassich and skating track in Pitztal
Draw your trail in Pitztal
Draw your trail in Pitztal

Here in the interactive map you can find an overview of our trails. Also in our folder Winter Hiking - Cross Country Skiing - Piste Tours you will find a detailed cross-country ski run.

Naturpark Kaunergrat im Winter





Distance ranges from 21km to 22km


Altitude ranges from 150m to 150m



Starting point: several optional access and exit points

Type of cross-country skiing trail: Classic and skate skiing

The valley cross-country skiing trail follows the Pitze river all along the bottom of the valley between the villages of Mittelberg and Wiese. The 21.3 km long trail has a set track for classic skiing and for skate skiing and can be skied in both directions. It is furthermore possible to access or exit the trail in any of the villages en route. The valley trail is a must for any cross-country skier visiting Pitztal, not only because it is excellently groomed but because of its magnificently scenic setting.

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