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Trail Running

Trail running at the roof of Tyrol

19 signposted trail running routes with a total of 264 km

Pitztal is THE number 1 trail running destination in Austria (Trail running award 2016) and scores highly with specially signposted trails, maps, a trail in sections and a dedicated trail running shop.

Trail runners will experience fascinating and diverse trail running routes past mountain lakes, brooks and waterfalls. Run over summits and along ridges and take in breath-taking panoramic views. Take on the trail running challenge in the Tyrolean Alps: beginners, advanced and professional runners will find perfectly suited, flowing trails away from forest roads! Start straight down in the valley or use one of our mountain railways on the way up to your high-alpine altitude training. Train among the exposed landscape and experience unforgettable trail running moments!

Trail running in majestic Pitztal mountain scenery
Trail running in majestic Pitztal mountain scenery
Crossing a glacier whilst trail running in Pitztal
Crossing a glacier whilst trail running in Pitztal
Runners of the Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail
Runners of the Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail

Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail – the event of 2019

Experience THE trail running event of Austria from 2 to 4 August 2019. The individual course sections will take trail runners up to four times to the start – finish straight depending on the distance that they are running. This gives supporters the opportunity to cheer on their runners again and again at certain intervals. A dedicated program for children will provide entertainment and shorten the wait to the finish of the event. All trail running distances and registration information can be found on the Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail website

Trail running sections concept

Based on the existing hiking routes, a special route was put together for the trail runners. At several starting points these trails are summarized on large signboards and are also available as small printed maps. The GPS coordinates and further route information can be found on our interactive map

Trail runner at the Mittagskogelscharte in Pitztal Tyrol
Trail runner Mittagskogelscharte Pitztal Tyrol

Trail running taster sessions

As part of our summer program we are making “Getting started with trail running” easy. Find out more about trail running technique and test the latest trail running shoes on the market with the guidance of a trail running guide.

NEW! Trail Running ParKUHR

You will find the new Trail Running ParKUHR with 8 stations in Mandarfen, next to the mountain lift Rifflsee.

Trail running shop

During the summer months trail runners can find all necessary equipment at our trail shop in Mandarfen. At Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten you can find trail running shoes, shirts and backpacks as well as diverse trail running accessories.
Opening times

Pitztal stage trail

You are probably aware of the E5 – THE long-distance hiking trail. Trail runners can now explore the trail in stages. Discover Pitztal at a quick pace in several stages – including a summit experience should you so wish .

Pitztal trail running hotels

Several accommodation providers in Pitztal are now catering to the special requirements of trail runners. A select group of accommodation providers now offer a laundry service and athlete’s breakfast and also provide you with all required trail running information.

Trail running symposium

Pitztal has been devoted to trail running since 2012. We think that it is important to build & share knowledge of this trending sport and are organising an annual symposium for interested trail runners to learn more about psyche, injuries and training methods (in German).

Rifflsee circuit

Mandarfen (1679m)
Mandarfen (1674m)

Starting in Mandarfen, firstly cross the bridge towards the mountain rescue building and then turn left along the agriculture road up towards the catered mountain hut Taschachalm. Once there, continue to run in the direction of Rifflsee Lake until a path forks off to your left. Follow this path to Rifflsee Lake and keep right, then follow the signpost to the mountain restaurant Sunna Alm / top station Rifflsee gondola on the left. From Sunna Alm return down to Rifflsee Lake and follow the lakeside path around the lake, then return to the valley on the path past the Taschachalm. Once there, follow the same route as on your way up to return to your starting point in Mandarfen.

13 K Trail

Mandarfen (1679m)
Mandarfen (1673m)

Starting in Mandarfen, cross the bridge to the mountain rescue building and then turn right and follow the signpost to “Hirschtal über Panoramaweg”[Hirschtal valley via panoramic trail]. A steep path leads up the Hirschtal valley until you reach the fork Panoramaweg / Rifflseehütte. Turn left and follow the panoramic trail to the catered mountain hut Rifflseehütte. Once there continue to run via the Muttekopf, then a short while uphill on the ski slope until you reach the catered mountain restaurant Sunna Alm / top station of the Rifflsee gondola. Continue downhill to Rifflsee Lake and run around it, then keep right and run down towards the catered mountain hut Taschachalm. Once there, return to your starting point in Mandarfen following the easy agricultural road down the hill.

Hochaster Alm circuit

Plattenrain (1476m)
Plattenrain (1477m)

This “beginner’s circuit” starts off at the Plattenrain car park following a forest road just behind the catered mountain hut Puitalm at Plattenrain in the direction of the non-catered mountain hut Timler Alm. Once there, there is a slight downhill section in the direction of Imsterberg and at the fork follow the slightly steeper ascent up to a point just below the catered mountain hut Venet Alm. Then continue to run on the signposted path in the direction of the catered mountain hut Hochaster Alm and return to your starting point.  Duration: 1 h 30 min - 2 h

Leiner Alm circuit

Middel station (2024m)
Middel station (2025m)

Run from the intermediate station along the agricultural road to the catered mountain hut Tanzalm. Then continue on this road all the way to the valley station of the Zirben mountain railway. At the following road junction, follow the agricultural road on the left all the way to the starting point of the Single Trail 4A. This trail overlooks the catered mountain hut LeinerAlpe (which is ideal for a break), until it almost reaches the north ridge of the Sechszeiger mountain. Follow Trail 15  until you are just below the mountain hut Kalbenalm. Cross the agricultural road and continue to follow Trail 15 until you reach the Tanzalm. From there, an agricultural road leads back to the intermediate station. 

Stage without summit – Day 4: Vari. II Plangeroß – Mandarfen

Plangeroß (1612m)
Mandarfen (1676m)

From Plangeroß follow the signposts of Pitztal’s Bike Route for approximately 2.3 kilometres to Mandarfen. 

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