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Suitable routes for baby carriage

Suitable routes for baby carriage

You can enjoy many suitable routes for baby carriage during your holiday with children in Pitztal. Perfect for your holiday with baby or toddler.




Distance ranges from 4km to 8km


Duration ranges from 1h to 2h


Altitude ranges from 150m to 293m

Hike from Matzlewald to Jerzens fishpond

District of Matzlewald, Säge [sawmill] (1138m)
District of Matzlewald, Säge [sawmill] (1135m)
Walk along the shaded forest road in the direction of Kienberg. When you come to a fork, take a left and follow a steep path to Kienberg. Once there, cross the road and turn left towards the Pitze river. Continue to walk by a flat and even path to the Jerzens fishpond. Return to Matzlewald by the same route.

Hike to Matzlewald

Fischteich Jerzens [fishpond] (974m)
Fischteich Jerzens [fishpond] (972m)
From the starting point at the Jerzens fish pond walk on a shaded forest path in the direction of Matzlewald. Return via the same route.

Hiking to the Gstoanig Kapelle [chapel]

Car park Audershof (1298m)
Car park Audershof (1320m)
On the way to the catered mountain hut Larcher Alm, turn off left at the third bend and follow a path, which leads you directly to the ‘Gstoanig Kapelle’, a chapel. Return by the same route to the starting point.

Large ´Harbeweiher´ [pond] circular route

Nature Park Centre at Gachenblick (1584m)
Nature Park Centre at Gachenblick (1583m)
As with the small Harbeweiher pond circular hike, with your back turned to the Nature Park Centre, turn right on the farm road in a southerly direction. Follow this road to a fork and also turn right in the direction of Harbeweiher pond. Unlike the small Harbeweiher pond circular route, continue to follow this road past a fantastic viewing point until you reach the Harbeweiher pond. This pond is an extremely untouched and wild, romantic area not far from the Nature Park Centre and lends itself perfectly for nature lovers who do not want to cover long distances. After a short ascent, you will have reached the highest point and can then return on a forest road to the other side of the Nature Park Centre.     
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