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Themed trails

Themed trails in Pitztal

From 1855 to 2010 – 155 years of glacial history in Pitztal

The alpine glaciers are fascinating formations. They have been subject to constant changes over millennia – their advances and retreats have always influenced the people living nearby. Thus the glaciers of Pitztal have also changed and continue to change. There are two educational trails in both tributary valleys at the end of Pitztal valley, making the history of the “Taschachferner” and “Mittelbergferner” come to life. “Ferner”, by the way, is the Tyrolean expression for glacier.

Taschachtal themed trail

Taschach valley is a neighbouring valley forking off at the valley station of Pitztal Glacier in a southwesterly direction. On this educational trail, five information boards trace the development of the Taschach glacier.

Griestal themed trail

Griestal valley forks off at the valley station of Pitztal glacier in a southeasterly direction. The educational trail here outlines the development of the Mittelberg glacier. There are impressive photographs of previous glacier advances emphasising the extent of recent developments. The information boards offer graphic historical facts regarding the development of these ice giants and their associated altering of the landscape.

Further themed trails in Pitztal…

Sculpture trail in Mandarfen

A number of different stone sculptures were erected around Mandarfen along the sculpture trail in celebration of the international stone sculpture artist symposium held in the inner Pitztal valley between July 2008,2010 and 2014. This was the start of an artistic campaign led by the respected artist, Kassian Erhart, which is set to continue over the next few years.

ZirbenPark circular route

A nature experience for the whole family. Fun, games and facts around the stone pine, also affectionately known as the “Queen of the Alps” is a high-alpine tree. Embark on a journey in our new ZirbenPark at the intermediate station of Hochzeiger. Find out about all facets of this precious type of wood on this special circular walk. The new approx. one kilometre long ZirbenPark adventure trail starts at the intermediate station, continues towards  Zollberg leading through a Swiss pine forest, past the Tanzalm hut and then back to the intermediate station. ZirbenPark’s highlight is the cone-shaped ZirbenZapfen adventure tower: this 12 metres tall adventure tower features a viewing platform and a 16 metres long tube slide. You can easily and conveniently get to the new ZirbenPark by gondola lift. The Zeiger restaurant at the intermediate station invites for a comfortable stop.

Piller Moor nature trail

Located above Piller, on 1,535 m above sea level, the Piller Moor, regarded as one of Central Europe’s most beautiful alpine moors, stretches out over approximately 20 hectares. It was formed towards the end of the last ice age. Today, the Piller Moor is divided into two parts: the undestroyed Latschenhochmoor, a nature reserve since 1971, and the Putzenmoor located to the north-western side, where peat was already cut in the 19th century. Several information boards give background information regarding the formation as well as the commercial use of this alpine moor and about its interesting fauna and flora. Enjoy the panoramic view of this landscape from an 11 metres high watch tower.
Our tip: Piller Moor can also be experienced by wheelchair users and people with mobility problems: ca. 700 m of wooden planks were built environmentally friendly into the unmissable moor.

Wild animal adventure trail

On the trail of wild animals in Arzl-Wald, just by the “Waldeck” inn.
An instructive way to discover interesting facts about the region’s wildlife. This trail is particularly adventurous for children offering insights into the animal kingdom and takes approx. 1.5 hours with plenty of stops and opportunities to watch and be amazed.

Earth pillars circular route

The earth pillars in the Waldertal valley between Roppen and Arzl in Pitztal, are a little natural wonder. Only in very special climate conditions, these bizarre towers with capstones erode from moraines of former wide moraine fields. You can find these natural gems on the narrow road from Roppen on the south side of the river Inn, going over the hamlet of Waldele in the direction of the Walder stream. You may want to stop in one of the bends and walk just a few steps to the viewing platform and enjoy the grand panorama of the Inn gorge and the Walder stream gorge. From here, follow the road uphill to reach the Walder stream after the Hohenegg turnoff . Walk upstream to the waterfall and between the trees on the right, you can view the Walder earth pillars. On the steep slope on the Roppen side you can observe how earth pillars are being formed. If you continue walking to Hohenegg, you can discover further “capped” towers. The hike continues from Hohenegg over the Walder stream to the Wald sports grounds and then downhill passing the viewpoints and chapels back to the starting point. Alternatively you may start this hike from the large car park near the sports grounds in Wald or in combination with the suspension bridge over the Pitztal Ache or the Luis-Trenker trail, or else access via the new cycling path through the Roppen gorge.

Path of Pitztal’s legends "Pitztaler Sagensteig"

Find out about the myths and legends of Pitztal at five stops along this path up to the catered mountain hut Gletscherstube at the foot of the Mittelberg glacier.

Luis-Trenker nature trail 

This trail, named after the world famous mountaineer Luis Trenker whose roots go back to Arzl, leads underneath the suspension bridge through the Pitzenklamm gorge all the way to the Innschlucht gorge. The steep rock faces, lush flora and the glacier-fed Pitze river, cast a spell over visitors to this gorge. Information boards courtesy of the Kaunergrat Nature Park, provide the keen hiker with background information on plants and wildlife.

sculpture trail
sculpture trail
ZirbenPark circular route
ZirbenPark circular route
View of the Pillermoor in the Kaunergrat Nature Park
View of the Pillermoor in the Kaunergrat Nature Park
Wild animal experience path
Wild animal experience path
Earth pyramids in the hamlet in Wald
Earth pyramids in the hamlet in Wald
Luis Trenker path
Luis Trenker path
Luis Trenker path at Pitzenklamm
Luis Trenker path at Pitzenklamm
track of senses
track of senses




Distance ranges from 5km to 6km


Duration ranges from 2h to 2h


Altitude ranges from 389m to 389m

Circular route Luis Trenker Trail

Tourist information office Arzl (743m)
Tourist information office Arzl (740m)
From the starting point at the car park of the Luis Trenker Trail cross the road and walk along the popular path through the Pitzenklamm gorge. At the end of the Luis Trenker Trail, where the Pitze joins the Inn river, follow the tarmacked Inn valley cycle path (Inntalradweg) to the right to the entrance of the path of the gorge. This leads to the hamlet Wald/Niederried. At the fountain and the bus stop Wald Wendestelle follow the tarmacked side road on the right after approximately 100 metres that leads to a farm track. Follow it to the 94 m high suspension bridge. After crossing the bridge have a break at Bungy Stüberl. Refreshed, continue to walk on the side street Pitzenebene to the bus stop Arzl i.P. Pitzenebene. Then follow the path at the bus stop Parkplatz Bungy Stüberl down as it leads back to the starting point. Should you be afraid of heights continue to walk to the fire station from the hamlet Wald. From there turn right and follow the road to the end of the village. A forest path on the right will then take you back to the starting point. Caution, you will have to walk the last 100 m run along the roadside.
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