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Archäologisches Museum Fließ (Archaeological Museum)

Archäologisches Museum Fließ (Archaeological Museum)

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The discovery of the Hallstatt age bronze hoard in Fließ in 1990 was the reason for the construction of this Archaeological Museum. Further sensational discoveries, such as the prehistoric burnt offering site at Pillerhöhe and the Bronze Age sacrificial hoard at Piller the museum had to expand continually. The Archaeological Museum is housed at the Alten Widum, the oldest house of Fließ.

Guided tours for groups after advance reservation possible at any time.

Opening times: 19.05.-17.10.2021  Tue-Sun, 10 am-12 noon and 3 pm-5 pm.

Address: Archäologisches Museum Fließ, Dorf 89, 6521 Fließ 
Tel. +43 5449 20065 
Email museum@fliess.at 



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