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Travel to Pitztal

Getting there

By car, train or plane

Your holiday starts before you arrive…

Pitztal is located in North Tyrol surrounded by the beautiful Austrian Alps and mountain ranges. Marvel at the alpine scenery on your journey to Pitztal: drive past natural forests, spectacular panoramic views of peaks and rushing rivers. Savour the fresh mountain air on your arrival: welcome to Pitztal!

Travel by car

If you are travelling by car please note the speed limits and that carrying winter equipment is a legal requirement in Austria. You will also need a toll sticker for Austrian motorways, the so called Vignette. You will not need the toll sticker when crossing the Fern Pass and there is no additional fee to use this mountain pass.

Travel by train and bus

You can travel to Pitztal by German Rail starting from only € 39.00. If you are travelling by train you will receive a voucher from your accommodation provider enabling you to transfer from Imst central station to your accommodation by public bus free of charge. 

Travel by plane

The nearest airport is Innsbruck Airport at a distance of ca. 60 kilometres. Travel to Pitztal conveniently by plane and book a transfer to your desired accommodation with the comfortable Four Season Travel Shuttle.






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