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Café 3440 Winter

Café 3440 Winter

Café 3440 Highlights in Winter

Café 3440

You can reach Café 3440 quickly and easily as well in winter thanks to the top modern Wildspitzbahn mountain gondola. Enjoy a short rest stop in-between the lift rides or treat yourself to a longer break - no matter if you are a skier, walker or simply in search of relaxation.
Sepp, the host, and his friendly team will spoil you from top to toe, daily from 9:30 am to 3.30 pm. Here you indulge in Tirol's "highest" pastry and cake delights. Hearty snack platters and mouth-watering soup plates are served as well in Austria's highest coffee house.

Afterwards you are ready to conquer the 55 steps leading up to the viewing platform of Hinterer Brunnenkogel. A truly enchanting vista point! On clear days you can enjoy incredible 360-degree panorama views covering more than 150 kilometers - Alpine peaks and summits in abundance, resembling a string of pearls.


Café 3440 stands for ...

  • Austria's highest coffee house
  • Cakes, tray bakes and varied other sweets homemade by our pastry experts
  • Coffee specialties
  • Freely suspended panorama terrace
  • Truly outstanding experience - Tirol's highest sunset


Winter Mood at Café 3.440 - Pitztal Glacier
Winter Mood at Café 3.440 - Pitztal Glacier
Wedding at Café 3.440 - Pitztal Glacier
Wedding at Café 3.440 - Pitztal Glacier
Incentive Events at Cafe 3.440 on Pitztal Glacier
Incentive Events at Cafe 3.440 on Pitztal Glacier
Winter Mood at Café 3.440 - Pitztal Glacier
Winter Mood at Café 3.440 - Pitztal Glacier

Tyrol's Highest Breakfast

A true one-of-a-kind experience is scheduled at Café 3440 every Saturday in winter.
At 9:00 am in the morning, the Gletscherexpress lift takes you up to 2,840 m altitude. Then you proceed to Café 3440 with the Wildspitzbahn gondola.

Once on top, Sepp and his team serve Tirol's highest breakfast. The varied buffet comprises many wonderful delights and coffee specialties. What's best, the restaurant offers awesome panoramic views. Optionally you can climb the steps leading to the vantage platform on top of the peak where unrivaled views of the Alpine scenery await you.

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Breakfast 45.00 € 22.00 € 0.00 €
+ ascent & descent Ride
80.00 € 49.00 € 0.00 €

Advance booking

For organisational reasons, we kindly ask you to book “Tyrol’s highest breakfast” at least 2 days beforehand:
Booking here!
T +43/5413/862 88 or


TIP Summer:

Breakfast at Café 3.440 is served every Thursday and Saturday in summer.
Further information can be found here!

Tirol's new Peak Highlight - Behind the Scenes


The suspended terrace of Café 3440 at exactly 3,440 m above sea level offers uninterrupted panoramic views of the Alpine scenery. This is Austria's highest Café and Tirol's new peak highlight in the true sense of the word!
We will do our best to fulfill all your wishes. Due to the high altitude location we face new challenges every day. Many things which are taken for granted down in the valley aren't just normal at such high altitudes. 

  • Water cans (drinking water and other water) are transported daily to Hinterer Brunnenkogel.
  • Water reaches its boiling point at about 90° at 3,440 meters altitude - coffee machines must be adjusted individually due to missing experience. Therefore the coffee machine is readjusted every six to eight weeks. Additionally, a higher dose of coffee is required (about 11 gram instead of 8 gram per portion).
  • Pulling beer at high altitudes is another book with seven seals - the beer pumps must be readjusted depending on the weather conditions (high pressure or low pressure).
  • Austria's highest workplace is a special challenge for all employees - here you feel exhausted much quicker, and it's very important that you drink more than normally (up to 5 liters per day).
  • Repair and service works require specialists who, sometimes, must travel far. Fortunately we have already found varied service partners and contact persons with a good head for heights.
  • Space is scarce on top of Hinterer Brunnenkogel - also Café 3.440 was designed on the smallest possible surface. Therefore we have only small storage areas and less products in store, which means that we make orders and receive supplies more frequently than in other cafes. Each single product passes through different hands six or seven times on its way from Mittelberg to Café 3.440.
Soaking up the Sun at Pitztal Glacier
Soaking up the Sun at Pitztal Glacier





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