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Ski tours in Pitztal: an insider tip!

Ski tours in Pitztal: an insider tip!

Hochzeiger ski resort, Pitztal Glacier as well as Kaunergrat Nature Park are ideal for ski tours, regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced learner.

Whole Pitztal

Ski tours in Pitztal

The so-called Ötztaler Alps, to which the mountain world of the Pitztal geographically belongs, offer wild natural experiences without hectic and stress. Guided tours as well as courses for beginners and advanced ski tourers will give everyone the opportunity to experience the adventure "Ski Tour" in the Pitztal.

Around the area on the Pitztal Glacier and Rifflsee are countless ski touring possibilities. Rositzkogel (3.394 m), Schluchtkogel (3.471m) or K2 (3.253m) are only a few of many worthwhile high-alpine destinations with breathtaking glaciers on the roof of Tyrol.

A very special holiday highlight is of course a trip to the highest mountain of Tyrol (Wildspitze with 3.774 m). The descent takes place via the Taschachferner to Mittelberg. For a safe mountain experience, our local guides provide you with the best training - secret tips for powder runs included.

Beginners on the other hand can enjoy easier ski tours in the Pitztal ski area Hochzeiger above Jerzens. Gentle and sunny slopes above 2000m are just perfect for practising.

Touring Tip: Gogles Alm - a hut which is opened in winter from Wednesday to Sunday
From Wednesday to Sunday the Gogles Alm is opened for ski tourers and welcomes guests with delicious local food and a fantastic view (until Easter). If you want to extend your stay a little longer it is also possible to spend the night. The tour takes approximately 1,5 hours and start at the Nature Park House Kaunergrat.


Guided ski tours 

Wednesday: Ski tour to your first three thousand meter peak!
Info: Meeting point at 8:15 am at the valley station of the glacier express
Price: € 130,00 per Person (from 4-6 participants)
Contact: Bergführervereinigung Pitztal

Wednesday: Ski tour for beginners (incl. touring skis, touring boots, ski skins and avalanche equipment)
Info: Durationn approx. 2 h 30 min 
Contact: Schneesportschule Hochzeiger-Pitztal 

Wednesday: Taster ski tour
Info: Duration approx. 2 h (01:30 pm - 03:30 pm) minimum of 3 participants, equipment included (backpack, acalanche transceiver, shovel and avalanche probe)
Price: € 70,00 per Person (form 3 persons)
Contact: Skischule Pitztal

Friday: ski tour to the roof of Tyrol - Wildspitze 3774 m 
Info: Meeting point at 8:15 am at the valley station of the glacier express. Duration approx. 6 h 
Price: € 130,00 per Person (from 4-6 participants) 
Contact: Bergführervereinigung Pitztal 

Friday: Wildspitze
Info: Duration approx. 6 - 7 h, minimum of 4 participants, equipment not included, registration until 4 pm the evening before.
Price: on request 
Contact: Skischule Pitztal 






Distance ranges from 1km to 6km


Duration ranges from 0h to 3h


Altitude ranges from 120m to 920m

Beginner Route

Mittelstation Hochzeiger (2025m)
Kalbenalmweg (2153m)
This beginner’s route is ideal for those who dare to take their first steps on touring skis. The first few meters are very flat, which is perfect to get used to your new sports equipment. It then gets a little steeper and you get a little more feel for walking with climbing skins. Once you have reached your destination (Kalbenalmweg), you can ski back to the start on the piste, or you can take the Sechszeiger route and continue a further 233 meters in altitude to the mountain station of the Sechszeigerlift.

Skitour zur Goglesalm

Parkplatz Gogles Alm (1505m)
Gogles Alm (2016m)

Mittelstation Route - red

Car Park Liss/Hochzeiger Bergbahnen P5 (1460m)
Mittelstation/Zeigerrestaurant (2003m)
After setting off, follow a fairly flat road and walk uphill in a few serpentines on the open slope of the Liss button lift. Then continue to follow a path until you reach a wide hillside just before Hochzeiger gondola. Continue walking on this hillside across open clearings until you reach the Hochzeiger Haus, then continue keeping left, past the Hochzeiger Haus, and keep to the left side of the ski slope until you reach the toboggan run. Then cross through a short underpass and follow the toboggan run (please BE CAREFUL as there may be oncoming traffic) until you reach Tanzalm mountain hut and further on to Zeigerrestaurant at the intermediate station. 

Sechszeiger Route - black

Car park Liss/Hochzeiger Bergbahnen P5 (1460m)
Sechzeiger (2335m)
Follow the route to the intermediate station until you reach the underpass. However, do not go through it and do not stay on the toboggan run but turn left next to piste no.9 instead – it’s an ascent through woodland terrain. Once you have reached the logging road of the Sechzeiger slope no.7 – follow it for approx. 200 m and then continue across a slightly hilly terrain through a small valley until you arrive just below the mountain station of the Sechzeiger ski lift. 
Region: Hochzeiger

Ski tours Hochzeiger

A winter experience for nature lovers:
ski tours at Hochzeiger

Ski tours in Tyrol are increasingly popular with nature lovers. A ski tour at Hochzeiger in Pitztal offers an ascent through sun-kissed hilly terrain, a summit experience using your own muscle power and a break from the hurly-burly of everyday life.

Ski tour Hochzeiger Pitztal
Ski tour for beginners at Hochzeiger ski resort

Hochzeiger ski tour for beginners

Once a week Hochzeiger ski school offers a beginner’s ski tour at Hochzeiger for those who wish to try out ski touring in Pitztal. During this Hochzeiger ski tour, the ski guides explain how participants should use their touring equipment, give tips and advice regarding different ascent techniques in free ski terrain and also give an introduction to assessing avalanche risks.

A beginner’s ski tour at Hochzeiger starts at the intermediate station at 2,000 metres. From there, it follows along the ascent track to Zollberg at 2,225 metres. Depending on the wishes of the ski tour participants the descent can either be skied on the ski slope or off-piste.

Date: every Wednesday
Duration: 2,5 to 3 hours
Requirements: Minimum age of 15; confident skiing of red runs
Equipment included: Touring ski, ski skins and avalanche transceiver equipment
Equipment required: ski poles, ski helmet, ski goggles, weather appropriate clothing
Price: € 59,00 per person
Bookings: Hochzeiger ski school
deadline for registration is the day before at 5 pm
skitour Hochzeiger Pitztal
Ski tour to Hochzeiger summit at 2,560 m.

Hochzeiger ski tour “Summit attempt”

For experienced ski touring fans Hochzeiger ski school offers several guided ski tours in Pitztal. A popular ski tour is a route up to the Hochzeiger summit cross at 2,540 metres, the local eponymous mountain at Hochzeiger ski resort. These tours can be booked with a minimum of three participants. After a joint ascent, participants are rewarded with fantastic 360 degree panoramic views followed by a deep powder downhill ski through a landscape of pristine nature.

Date: By arrangement, depending on avalanche situation
Minimum number of participants: 3 participants
Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Requirements: Minimum age of 15; confident skiing of black runs
Equipment included: Touring ski, ski skins and avalanche transceiver equipment
Equipment required: Backpack, ski poles, ski helmet, ski goggles, weather appropriate clothing
Bookings: Hochzeiger ski school
Ski tour Hochzeiger Pitztal
ski tour downhill fun Hochzeiger
Region: Gletscher

Conquering the nearby 3,000 m high Peaks

Ski Tours at Pitztal Glacier

Breathtaking Ski Tours to Pitztal's surrounding peaks above 3,000 meters altitude

Indulge in the picture-book glacier scenery far away from busy ski slopes: The Gletscherexpress top station at 2,840 m makes a perfect starting point for varied ski mountaineering tours beyond three thousand meters altitude. Within a single day you can reach many rewarding mountains and peaks in the surroundings of Pitztal Glacier. Modern mountain lifts whisk you uphill effortlessly – followed by superb ski tour ascents and excellent downhill skiing in the wide open terrain of Tirol's Rooftop.
More detailed information on ski mountaineering tours within the Pitztal Glacier Region and Rifflsee available at the local Mountain Sport Schools:


Recommended ski tours starting at Pitztal Glacier

  • Wildspitze
  • Brochkogel
  • Linker Fernerkogel


The Journey is its Own Reward
Ascent towards a Breathtaking Freeride Slope
Region: Rifflsee

Splendid Mountain Routes around Scenic Rifflsee

The pristine Rifflsee Ski Area has many breathtaking ski tours and secluded backcountry routes accessible as soon as the ski area opens its doors (December).                     

  • K2 3,250 m
  • Rostizkogel 3,394 m
  • Schneidiges Wandle 3,357 m
  • Rostizjoch 3,083 m
  • Wurmtaler Kopf 3,225 m
  • Wurmtaler Joch 3,089 m
  • Rotschliff Kogel 3,000 m

Fabulous Rifflsee is also the crossing point towards Kaunertal Valley via Rostizjoch, and via Wurmtaler Joch.
More detailed information about panoramic ski tours in the Rifflsee Area available from the local outdoor pros

Pitztal Mountain Guide Office  
Pitztal Ski School – Freeriding Offers  
Alpine Adventure - Alfi Dvorak  

Ski Mountaineering Tour to Wurmtaler Kopf
Ski Mountaineering Tour to Wurmtaler Kopf
Ski Mountaineering Tour to Wurmtaler Kopf
Ski Mountaineering Tour to Wurmtaler Kopf
Ski Mountaineering Tour to Wurmtaler Kopf
Ski Mountaineering Tour to Wurmtaler Kopf
Ski Mountaineering Tour to Wurmtaler Kopf
Ski Mountaineering Tour to Wurmtaler Kopf





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