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Hochzeiger lifts & mountain railways

Hochzeiger lifts & mountain railways

Start your skiing day at Hochzeiger safely, quickly and comfortably with our nine ski lifts. In total all lifts can transport 15,200 people per hour. The Sechszeiger chair lift is equipped with heated seats. 

Two lifts are open for hikers in summer and autumn. Spare your stamina (and knees) by using our gondola and double chair lift to get up to 2,370 metres.


The nine cableways and lifts in overview:

cableway type height of valley station height of mountain station lenght difference in elevation capacity load 
Hochzeiger lift gondola 1,450 m 2,000 m 1,763 m 550 m 2,494 Pers./h
Panorama lift 6 seater chairlift 1,802 m 2,370 m 1,405 m 568 m 2,755 Pers./h
Zirben lift 6 seater chairlift 1,959 m 2,391 m 1,026 m 432 m 2,400 Pers./h
Rotmoos lift 4 seater chairlift 1,980 m 2,450 m 1,270 m 470 m 2,750 Pers./h
double seater Sechszeiger double seater chairlift 2,000 m 2,370 m 1,000 m 370 m 1,440 Pers./h
Zollberg lift t-bar lift 1,990 m 2,230 m 654 m 240 m 1,429 Pers./h
Hahntennen lift practice lift The "Hahntennen" beginner’s lift at Hochzeiger intermediate station is very popular with our little ski guests who are well looked after in the ski school’s nearby Children’s mountain park.
Liss lift practice lift

The “Liss” beginner’s lift is located directly at the bottom station of the gonolda lift. Here the ski school’s “Show on Snow” takes place every Tuesday.

Wiesen lift practice lift The “Wiesen” beginner’s lift is also located directly next to the bottom station of Hochzeiger gondola lift right next to “Pitzi’s Bambiniland” for children.


lift facilities Hochzeiger ski resort
Modern cableway technology at Hochzeiger
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