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Suitable routes for baby carriage

Suitable routes for baby carriage

You can enjoy many suitable routes for baby carriage during your holiday with children in Pitztal. Perfect for your holiday with baby or toddler.




Distance ranges from 0km to 38km


Duration ranges from 0h to 10h


Altitude ranges from 10m to 335m

IVV Valley hike

Mittelberg (1733m)
Arzl (854m)
The valley hiking trail leads from Mittelberg to Arzl. Return as you please: either on foot via the same route or simply by using the Regio Bus to take you back.

Duration: at leisure

Parts are suitable for prams - may include gradients:
  • Mittelberg bis Köfels
  • Trenkwald bis Schön
  • St. Margarethen bis Abwz. Timmls

Pitzenhöfe – Leins – retour

Fork before the football pitch (863m)
Fork before the football pitch (862m)
Starting point before the football pitch. Turn right at the chapel, located directly adjacent to the road. Then, after about 200 m turn left in the direction of Unterleins. Once there, walk past the church to the bus stop and over a farm track to Oberleins. Return to the starting point via the same route.

Hike to Ritzenried

fire station Jerzens (1089m)
fire station Jerzens (1100m)
Starting point: opposite the fire station, on the right hand side of the Mühlbach stream. The track begins with an easy ascent, with only a few minor hills to climb. At the first fork, follow the path to the right to the hamlet of Schön and continue to Ritztenried. Return via the same route. 

Hike from Matzlewald to Jerzens fishpond

District of Matzlewald, Säge [sawmill] (1138m)
District of Matzlewald, Säge [sawmill] (1135m)
Walk along the shaded forest road in the direction of Kienberg. When you come to a fork, take a left and follow a steep path to Kienberg. Once there, cross the road and turn left towards the Pitze river. Continue to walk by a flat and even path to the Jerzens fishpond. Return to Matzlewald by the same route.

Hike to Matzlewald

Fischteich Jerzens [fishpond] (974m)
Fischteich Jerzens [fishpond] (972m)
From the starting point at the Jerzens fish pond walk on a shaded forest path in the direction of Matzlewald. Return via the same route.

Talwanderung von Jerzens nach St. Leonhard (Wiese)

Parkplatz Kirche Jerzens (1103m)
Haltestelle Wiese (1181m)
Start at the church car park in Jerzens and hike past the mill in the direction of Stuibenwasserfall (waterfall). Once on the forest path continue to walk on it to the hamlets Wiesle, Ritzenried and Schußlehn. This valley hike has no serious inclines, some sections are right next to the River Pitze until you reach Wiese in St. Leonhard. Use the public busses at Wiese bus stop to return to Jerzens (bus stop: Feuerwehr/fire station). For information regarding bus connections please check the notice boards or check in advance with your accommodation provider or the tourist information offices of Pitztal Tourism Association.


Car Park Kaitanger (1433m)
Car Park Kaitanger (1436m)
Starting point: Kaitanger. In Kaitanger, directly below the toboggan run, follow a beautiful 2 km hiking trail in the direction of the catered mountain hut Leiner Alm. There are two options: turn left to Jerzens via Gischlewies, Falsterwies (approx. 1 hr) or turn right to the Leiner Alm (approx. 2 hrs).

Old road to Wenns

Bus stop Abzw. Timls (927m)
Wenns Pitztalerhof (999m)
Starting point is the junction/bus stop Timls on the Pitztal country road. It is easiest to get there via Pitztal Regiobus or on foot walking along the Pitztal country road from the village centre of Arzl (ca. 1.5 
km). At the junction walk to the first bend uphill in the direction of Timls and then turn off  on to the “Alte Straße” (engl. old road, forest road) towards Wenns. Continue to walk to Wenns village centre always staying above the country road. Once there you can either comfortably return to the starting point on the Pitztal Regiobus or return by the same route. Walking time from the Timls turnoff  to Wenns is approx. 1.2 hrs

Hiking to the Gstoanig Kapelle [chapel]

Car park Audershof (1298m)
Car park Audershof (1320m)
On the way to the catered mountain hut Larcher Alm, turn off left at the third bend and follow a path, which leads you directly to the ‘Gstoanig Kapelle’, a chapel. Return by the same route to the starting point.

Trail to the Gletscherstube

Mittelberg (1731m)
Mittelberg (1732m)
Follow the flat and even agricultural road to the catered mountain hut Gletscherstube.
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