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Geocaching in Pitztal in Tyrol

Experience fascinating cache adventures in the Alps

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt for adults and children alike using GPS. This modern trendy outdoor activity takes you to extraordinary and fantastic places. The aim of geocaching is to locate watertight containers with the help of GPS devices or smartphones. These so called geocaches come in different sizes, shapes and levels of difficulty. They each contain a logbook that you may inscribe. Other smaller items may be exchanged in the container. Each geocaching find can also be logged online.

Cachen in Pitztal

Discover Pitzal in Tyrol on an exciting GPS treasure hunt with friends and family. Be guided to the region’s most beautiful places and discover this valley’s breath-taking diversity. A number of caches can be discovered in Pitztal, some are located in the valley, others on hikes through the mountains.

Besides, what better way to discover the natural beauty of Tyrol with your children than on a playful and cool GPS treasure hunt!

All you need to do is register on the worldwide geocaching plattform and your GPS treasure may commence.

    Geocache terrain at the Tiefental Alm in the Pitztal
    Geocache terrain at the Tiefental Alm in the Pitztal
    lake Brechsee
    lake Brechsee
    The Leiner Alm in the Hochzeiger hiking area
    The Leiner Alm in the Hochzeiger hiking area
    Benni Raich Bridge in Arzl in Pitztal
    Benni Raich Bridge in Arzl in Pitztal

    Top-Geocaches in Pitztal in Tirol

    Pitztaler Gletscher & Rifflsee:



    Some other geocaching location tips in Pitztal in Tyrol

    Geocaching abbreviations

    DNF: Did not find
    EC: Earth Cache, ohne Dose oder Logbuch - this is about the specific location & its features
    FTF: First to find,
    FTFC: First to find certificate
    CO: Cache Owner
    TFTC: Thanks for the Cache
    Geomuggels/ Muggels: People unfamiliar with geocaching

    The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Geocaching

    Happy Caching!

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    9 open slopes


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