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Rafting and canyoning

White water sports

Rafting and canyoning in Tyrol

Rafting and canyoning have been well-established sports for a long time and are an exciting way of experiencing nature. The group experience and the wildness of the local rivers take centre stage on a rafting tour. You can explore our gorges from the top to the bottom on a canyoning adventure using slides, abseiling, climbing etc. Both sports bring a certain degree of intervention with our largely unspoilt nature and hence nature conservation is paramount to us. We would therefore kindly ask you to act accordingly when rafting and canyoning. 

Bookings and detailed information regarding rafting & canyoning locations:
Alpin Center Hochzeiger-Pitztal,
Liss 270, 6474 Jerzens,
Tel.: +43 (0) 5414 86 910,,
Alpin Center Hochzeiger-Pitztal

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