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Gondola top station - Kreuzjöchlspitz zum Schafhimmel – Ludwigsburger Hütte - Zaunhof

Gondola top station - Kreuzjöchlspitz zum Schafhimmel – Ludwigsburger Hütte - Zaunhof

Wander- & Bergtour
Wander- & Bergtour
Wander- & Bergtour
Höhster Punkt 
8,00 h
Starting point: gondola top station. This is a 1 km path along the ridge – very well secured by many fixed ropes. Classed as an easy steep track. Access via the Riegetal valley to the Groaßsee lake. From there, follow the path to the left in the direction of Wildgrat peak up to a height of approx. 2,600 m. You will have to turn off when you see a stone sculpture of a man and a few signposts. Take the path to the Kugleten See 
[lake] and to the Gemeindekopf peak. At the start, follow this path in a south-westerly direction. After approx. 150 m you will reach a narrow ridge, the so called ‘Steinmann’ [man of stone]. Leave the path to follow the ridge steeply upwards. After another 150 m a very large arrow indicates that you should change to the other side of the narrow ridge. Further up, climb over an area of grassy slopes with rocks to a small lake 
underneath the Riegekopf peak. From there a moderately ascending path leads over rocks to a flat ridge south of the Riegekopf where you can climb the Kreuzjöchlspitz peak (2,908 m) from there in approx. 10 minutes. Following this, continue on the 1 km long ridge, which is well secured by fixed ropes. The ridge runs southeast towards the 2,820 m Schafhimmel peak. This varied climb is marked with paint and it takes 1.5 – 
2 hrs to reach the Schafhimmel peak. From there, descend to the Lehner Joch and continue to the catered mountain hut Ludwigsburger Hütte. Walking distance: starting from the top station of Hochzeiger gondola to Kreuzjöchelspitz approx. 3.5 hours, from Kreuzjöchlspitz to Schafhimmel approx. 2 hours.


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