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Museum Stamserhaus

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Stamserhaus Museum in Wenns

The Stamserhaus

With its foundations dating back about 700 years, the Stamserhaus in its current shape is believed to be Tyrol’s oldest farmhouse. Over the centuries parts of the building were destroyed, probably due to fires, and rebuild. The Stamserhaus’ was mainly used as a tax office – here farmers had to pay the tithes to the Stamser sovereigns. The building was later purchased by the township of Wenns. A survey was carried out in 2002. The building and restoration work commenced a year later and was completed in 2009.

Georg Matthäus Vischer

The cartographer and topographer Georg Matthäus Vischer was born in the Stamserhaus in Wenns on 22 April 1628. He was the son of the former fiscal authority of the Stamserhaus.

The world’s oldest Christmas crib association

Founded in 1860 with 38 Christmas crib enthusiasts in Wenns in Pitztal as the “Christmas crib association Wenns”, which is provably the world’s oldest Christmas crib association. A lot has happened since then: it has over 160 members today who have created over 350 Christmas cribs over the past 150 years. Some of the old hand-carved works still survive today.

Christmas crib exhibition

The Christmas crib association Wenns in conjunction with the museum- and culture association is showcasing an extensive Christmas crib exhibition in this atmospheric ambience. With over 40 Christmas cribs the long-standing tradition of crib handicraft by the world’s oldest Christmas crib association with its great Christmas crib artists is being showcased impressively. Indulge in the special atmosphere of this house while enjoying a coffee or a glass wine in the museum’s parlour. All types of events (concerts, readings, exhibitions of local artists etc.) complete the Stamserhaus Museum’s offer and make it a cultural hub in Pitztal.

christmas crib
christmas crib
cribs in Stamserhaus
cribs in Stamserhaus
farmer's living room
farmer's living room
cribs from the oldest crib association of the world
cribs from the oldest crib association of the world

Opening times

Open from 23.06.2024 – 29.09.2024
Sunday from 14:00 - 18:00
On request group visits (of 20 visitors and more) can also be arranged outside of the official opening times.


Adults: € 4.00
free of charge: ​Children and young adults up to 16 years

Groups: (starting from 20 visitors): adults: € 3.00
Young adults (born 2008 – 2013): € 1.50
Children (born in 2014 and younger): free of charge


Wenns museum and culture association, Stamserhaus Museum
Georg Matthäus-Vischer-Platz 30, A-6473 Wenns
Tel. +43 (0) 650 9563031

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