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Chapel of White Light

Chapel of White Light

Sacred Art at Pitztal Glacier

Only a few walking minutes from the Kristall Glacier Restaurant a renowned Tirolan artist - Professor Rudi Wach - created the awesome "Chapel of White Light".

About the Chapel

It was the brilliant idea of Professor Rudi Wach to create a building that resembles a sculpture. The new chapel was installed by using totally new building techniques - it is made of 180 single parts of Carrara granite, supported by a Nirosta steel construction. The Carrara granite slabs were shaped with a specific diamond chain. The unique art object is 8.8 meters high and overlooks the stunning Pitztal glacier world.
The splendid altar of the same material, created as well by Professor Wach, weighs about  975 kg. Wonderful light nuances are reflected in its interior due to measure-made windows. 
The mighty entrance portal is made of titanium, adding to a very outstanding ambiance as soon as you enter the chapel.
Therefore the "Chapel of White Light" is a true artistic gem amidst the Tirolean Alps. Both art lovers and architectural fans appreciate this new place of interest that strongly contrasts with the Alpine primary rocks of the mountain summits. Professor Wach himself defines this artistic masterpiece as one of his personal highlights in his sculpting career: a creative idea competing with nature's mountain sculptures in unspoilt surroundings.


Chapel Facts & Figures

  • Location: Pitztal Glacier at 2,900 m altitude
  • Size: 8.20 x 4.60 x 3.80 m
  • Construction material: white granite from Italy's Carrara
  • Pieces: 180 single parts weighing about 90 tons - weight of single granite slabs ranges between 600 and 3,370 kg
  • Portal: made of titanium, 30 m high 



About the Artist

Now the artist Professor Rudi Wach lives in Milan / Italy. Over the last decades, several of his artistic works haven been attracting attention. Examples: Jesus Christ sculpture in Innsbruck - which is still much debated controversially; inscriptions in marble (resembling flowing water) in the Chapel of Innsbruck's University Hospital; Vienna's underground station at the Museum Quarters, featuring large-sized drawings and sculptures.

In countless special exhibitions - held across Austria, Italy and the United States - Professor Wach has shown new creative possibilities and hidden artistic power of sculptures and space, combing spirit, art and crafts in a unique way.

The Artist:

  • Rudi Wach - sculptor and illustrator
  • Born in Hall / Tirol on 22 November 1934
  • Grown up in Thaur near Innsbruck
  • Lives in Milan / Italy now
chapel of white light
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